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ReallySmart.art claims to be one of the hottest services to launch this decade, with a compensation plan to boot, but is it really worth it? In this review, I will be going through the system to see if we can answer this question.




At its core, you get a lifetime membership to a service that allows you to create dynamic, personalized images on the fly. For those not familiar with personalized images, think of it like the personalized email you can send through an auto-responder email service. In other words, you know how you can send an email to your subscribers, and as an example, start your email with a greeting like:

Hi {FIRSTNAME} (depending on which auto responder service you make use of, the FIRSTNAME variable you see in curly brackets may differ; for instance, it may look like %FIRSTNAME% or something similar).

When your email is sent out, the {FIRSTNAME} variable will be replaced for each subscriber on your list with the name of that subscriber.

Personalized images work the same way. In this case, you can add text to an image and personalize it for each subscriber. You can also use personalized images with safelists, membership sites, or anywhere else you have access to a FIRSTNAME variable.

Imagine your clickthrough rate when you have an image representing a video, and in the image you have a person holding a blank whiteboard. Now imagine each subscriber seeing this image with the following text added to the whiteboard:

{FIRSTNAME}, click play to watch this personal message.


Can you imagine what that will do for your click-through rates?

That is precisely what you will get when you join ReallySmart.art; however, unlike similar services that charge a monthly subscription for the same thing, with ReallySmart.art you only pay a once-off fee for lifetime use. Granted, with the monthly subscriptions, you will be able to add more than one personalization per image as opposed to only one with ReallySmart.art, but then again, how many marketers will need more than one?

An example of using more than one personalization in one image would be to use a first name in one part of the image and maybe something like the current date in another part of the image.



When you join, you are assigned six partners and the rank of rookie. You can get unlimited partners as time goes on, but for now, let’ stick to the six you get upon joining.

Between you and your six partners, all seven of you will be promoting your affiliate link to refer a new member to the system. When that new member joins, you and all your partners will make a commission, and all of you will be promoted to a higher rank. You and 5 of your partners will now form part of the new rookie’s team, with all 7 of you promoting the rookie’s affiliate link to refer a new member. Of course, when that happens, all seven of you will earn a commission, no matter who actually made the referral.

As mentioned earlier, each time a new member joins the system (in what is known as your profit line), everybody in the profit line is promoted to a higher rank. You start as a rookie and can go all the way to the rank of grand master, after which you will retire out of the profit line.

This is where it gets really interesting. Every time you make a new referral while in retirement, you start a new profit line. Your original six partners are also grandfathered into the new profit line. In the same way, you will also be grandfathered into new profit lines started by members who joined any of your profit lines after you; however, there is a caveat. You will always be grandfathered into profit lines started by the first person joining one of your profit lines after you (that person is also known as your direct referral, even if you did not directly refer them), but not for members joining after that first person (direct referral) if you are still in retirement when they join.



If you are simply interested in the lifetime membership to the personalized image service, by the time you reach retirement, you will have made back more than 60% of your sign-up fee, whether you are interested in promoting the system or not. You will also continue to make commissions each time your one and only direct referral starts a new profit line. When looking at it this way, it essentially means you will eventually get your whole sign-up fee back but still keep your lifetime membership.

For the active affiliate marketer who also sees the benefit of the compensation plan, this is the part where your income can skyrocket. Remember how you started out with six profit partners? Well, each time you start a new profit line, you also get extra profit partners, which means you can eventually have hundreds, even thousands, of profit partners, all of whom will promote a link that will put commission in your pocket.

ReallySmart.art is a system that is going to ensure passive income for a lot of marketers for years to come, especially as the system is as evergreen as they come.

One-time payment for lifetime access.
Incredible compensation plan geared towards passive income.
Evergreen Product.

Only one personalization per image.
2000 image impressions per month, although you can upgrade to 8,000 and 12,000 impressions per month. The upgrades are also a once-off cost.

ReallySmart.art is a personalized image service offering a lot of value. While it caters to the majority of marketers out there, a small group may need more than what is on offer here, albeit at a monthly price. The compensation plan and referral system are what really set ReallySmart.art apart from other programs, and the fact that the service on offer is evergreen ensures this gets two thumbs up.





Margret de La Forest is a home business and online marketing advisor and the owner of this website.

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