Your Greatest Email Marketing Asset

If you’re planning on using email marketing to grow your business and make a greater impact in the world, you’ll have to think about a lot of things.

Your brand.

Your offer.

If you’re using one, your funnel.

Your messaging.

It can get a little overwhelming. Improving one thing might harm another. How do you juggle all these moving parts?

Like with anything else in life, if you’re overwhelmed, then go as simple as you can.

In this case, focus on your greatest email marketing asset.

Which happens to be…


… your list of subscribers.

This is your greatest asset, because it’s the thing that leads to sales.

If you focus on making sales by improving your list, you won’t get sidetracked. What messages should you send? Whatever improves your list and makes sales. How often should you send them? However often makes the most sales.

Keep this in mind and you’ll avoid a lot of common mistakes.

For example, some people have hundreds of thousands of people on their list. These readers open and devour every message they send. But, when it comes to making sales, the list barely pays the bills.

Bigger lists are generally better.

But having the right people on your list is even more important.

What an amazing Email Marketing list is like

Think of your list as a community. It’s an odd community, sure, since its members don’t talk to each other. But you talk to all of them, so that makes you the leader.

And like all communities, leaders go a long way towards setting the tone.

So think about what sort of people you want in your community.

You probably want people who’ll buy your products or hire you for your services. But is that all? Would you be happy with people who buy your product but never use it?

Or do you want people who whisper ‘yes! finally!’ when they see your offer?

People who use it, rave about it to their friends, write you glowing testimonials and let you know you’ve improved the world?

And forget purchasing decisions for a moment. Do you want people who are ambitious? Caring? Struggling entrepreneurs who are hungry to succeed? People with chronic pain who are ready to live as fully as they used to?

In other words, who is your ideal client or customer?

Who did you make your offer for?

Imagine a community of these people – that’s what you want your email list to be like.

How do you do it?

Well, you attract the right people by offering them the right sort of bribe to subscribe to your list. This will be something they want – something they need, ideally – that they can start using immediately.

Then you keep them there by sending the right sort of messages. Messages they find useful, entertaining or, ideally, both.

And you talk to them as if they’re your ideal client or customer.

Talk to them as if they’re ambitious entrepreneurs, what it’s like to be one, what you honestly admire about them…

If it doesn’t ring true to them, they’ll leave. If it does, they’ll feel like you’re speaking in a way no one else is, which you will be. And if they’re almost like this – maybe entrepreneurs with a bit of a dream – you might just inspire them to become the person you’re describing.

Source by William T Batten


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