6 Tips You Need to Know For Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate marketing when done right can earn you a powerful income stream. Most people don´t think about how their actions affect their success or their lack of actions. So let´s look at 6 different tips you need to know to ensure you are successful at your affiliate marketing.

#1 Do not check your email more than twice a day
Did you know that email is the biggest interruption most people face daily.  Rather than checking your email every few minutes or every hour, why not check it once around midday and then once in the evening. Check it, then go back to concentrating on the tasks at hand. The less you check your email the more productive youíll be and the more successful your affiliate marketing can be.

#2 Just say no
For many of us saying no is almost impossible. However, if you want to stay on task and enjoy successful affiliate marketing you are going to have to say no. That can help to stop constant interruptions. It can also help to stop taking on too many tasks.

#3 Do the worst job first
If you take care of the worst job first, it is done and you can move on. It´s so easy to procrastinate when itís something you donít want to do and that will keep your mind distracted and youíll also fall behind because your procrastinating.

#4 Compile your to-do list
Pull your to-dos in your emails and add them to your tasks. Going back and forth from your email to check on what it is you need to do wastes time. Even if itís only minutes it can add up throughout the day. It also increases the likelihood that you will miss something important. Instead, immediately add any tasks in your emails to your task list.

#5 Delegate tasks
Don´t be a task hoarder. You should delegate as many tasks as you can. Other people are capable of carrying out tasks for you so let them. For some of us letting go of the control is hard. Practice! It will save you tons of time that you can use to focus more on your affiliate marketing.

#6 Use a calendar on your smartphone
It´s easy to forget important appointments when you are busy. One way to reduce the likelihood of such a thing happening is to use the calendar that is on your smartphone, which can send you reminders in advance.

These might not be the kind of tips you think about when you are looking to increase your chance of running a successful affiliate marketing campaign, but they play such an important role we felt they needed mentioning.


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