Affiliates: How to Get Your Prospects into Red-Hot Buying Mode…

… BEFORE They Even Hit the Sales Page!

Odds are there is a super-effective sales tool you’re not using. In fact, you might not even know about it – or if you do, you might think it’s not worth the effort.

Affiliates: How to Get Your Prospects into Red-Hot BuyingMode...

But if I tell you that this tool is capable of increasing your affiliate sales… sometimes by monstrous proportions…

…and that it will take you less than an hour to set up once and then you can forget about it…

…would you be interested?

It’s called the pre-sell page, and it works like this:

Let’s say you’re an affiliate sending an email to your list promoting XYZ product. You could send your list members straight to the sales page. In fact, it’s most likely what you’re doing right now.

OR, you could send them to a short page that totally warms up your prospects to the sales page. In fact, your pre-sell page gets them so pumped up, they’re primed to buy before even getting to the sales page.

On your pre-sell page you don’t ask them to opt-in to anything. Instead, you tell them what the product they’re about to see has done for you. Yes, this means you’ve bought it or gotten a review copy. You’re able to talk to them as an insider who knows exactly what this product does. And you can tell them the exact benefits you got from the product.

This works extremely well for increasing conversions. Mind you, you’re not trying to sell the product – the sales page should do that. Instead, you’re merely warming them up, sort of like the introduction to a speaker or the trailer to a movie.

And if you want to take this one step further, you can offer them a free report which does the same thing. This way your email (or your ad) offers them the free report. They don’t have to opt-in, they just go to the page and there’s the report. They don’t even have to download it, they can read it right there. And of course the report does two things: Offers value AND warms them up to your offer.

Try it. You might be surprised at the increase in sales you get. And don’t forget to add this to your autoresponder series so you can continue to profit from it for a long time to come.



Margret de La Forest is a home business and online marketing advisor and the owner of this website.

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