Can I Pick Your Brain?

If you’re a success at almost anything, sooner or later someone is going to ask you, “Can I take you to lunch and pick your brain?” And interestingly enough, if you’re a successful marketer you’re going to get his question a LOT. So how do you answer?

It’s up to you of course. Do you want to give your information away for free? Over and over? If you’re selling “how to market” type information, it’s perfectly reasonable for you to not give away services you normally charge for. After all, no one is asking doctors, “If I take you out to lunch will you look at my mole?”

Here’s how you can answer that question…

Let’s say you teach Internet marketing, and you’ve got both free information that you give away and also paid products. Maybe you even do marketing consulting work. Someone asks you the take-you-out-to-lunch question, and you say, “I’d be happy to set up a consulting session with you next week, I’ll email you the details.”

Then you email them a link to your free information, along with the details of your paid product or service. Then they can choose if they want to move forward or not. It’s a nice way of letting them know that you don’t give away your best work for free.



Margret de La Forest is a home business and online marketing advisor and the owner of this website.

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