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Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do. It is really sort of like ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ if you allow your obstacles to dictate to you. How counter-productive to stop dead in your tracks because something or other didn’t go the way you had planned. Now all your energy is spent in anxiety about these circumstances.

Until you can get past it you won’t really be able to focus on what you can do to promote your business. Remember it is all about what you can do and whatever didn’t work just goes in the circular file, figuratively as well as literally if necessary. It is the same concept as spending what could be productive time in ‘crying over spilled milk’ when you didn’t get the rate of customers you had hoped for from a campaign.

What exactly do you gain by your regret? Or by your subsequent skepticism? Does it make them change their mind? No – it is the same unfortunate situation but now you have exacerbated it by adding an element of negativity about it. We are only human and there will be an emotional component whether good or bad but we must be able to move past what is not helping our business.

You will find that in marketing and advertising it is very normal to have more people who do not respond than those that become customers. Think about all the advertising you see every day – include every medium you can imagine where someone is trying to convince you to buy something. How many of those do you respond to? Probably none or not many. Now figure your ads in that same bunch with the same result from others.

The important thing to remember is you don’t pick up your marbles and go home when you are not happy with your results unless you have really decided to throw in the towel and give up. The right thing to do in the face of any failure of whatever magnitude, is to just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward,

If you have to look back at some point you will probably realize that you really gained some strength there by forging ahead, and no matter how expensive the lesson may have been, it is worth it in the big picture. This is something that is not an easy realization for people who do not really understand that business is rarely easy and includes ups and downs. It requires lots of hard work over time. Yes, there are secret recipes and once you find one then things can be easier for you from there on out. However until you do, you have to really keep trying and flex those mental muscles!


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