How 2 Minutes a Day Can Produce Riches

This is so basic, a lot of people might dismiss this without another thought. However if they do, they’ll be missing out on one of the single greatest secrets to continuously increase their income month in and month out, for the rest of their lives…

How 2 Minutes a Day Can Produce Riches

Here’s how it works: Look at what you earned last month. Whatever it is, write it down.

Now set a goal to earn a certain percentage more this month. 5% works well. For example, if last month you earned $500, this month your goal is $525.

Now track what you earn every day. That’s right – every DAY. If you’re not on target to beat last month’s total, then do something. Send out another promotion. Create a viral report. Do another guest post. Whatever it takes, make sure you reach your new goal. Odds are you will not only reach it, you will exceed it.

Now rinse and repeat month in and month out.

“But this is too hard!” You might be thinking. Nope. It’s not. You’re taking 2 minutes a day to record how much you earned the day before. You’re keeping track of whether or not you’re on target. And you’re pushing yourself to do a little bit better each month.

The alternative is to flounder around like a dying fish, hoping you somehow land back in the water. Odds are most months you’re not going to. A year passes, and you’re making the same amount of money each month as you are now – or maybe you’re making less. Not pretty.

But increase your income just 5% each month, starting with just a current income of $500 a month, and it can look like this:

12 month mark $900 a month
18 month mark $1,200 a month
24 month mark $1,600 a month

What if you’re currently earning $1,000 a month, and you increase your goal by 10% each month?

12 month mark $3,100 a month
18 month mark $5,500 a month
24 month mark $9,700 a month

Now do you see the power of setting goals and continually tracking your results? Two minutes a day can produce riches. Or, you could spend those two minutes watching a cat video on YouTube. Your choice.



Margret de La Forest is a home business and online marketing advisor and the owner of this website.

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